Villa Azeer

In a few weeks, we will be able to offer our new small house on the Ezzahra Estate, Villa Azeer.

This small two-bedroom project has been led by Philip Hooper of SIBYL COLEFAX and JOHN FOWLER together with the EZZAHRA design/build team.

Much time has been spent choosing bits and pieces from rural markets which Philip then proceeds to discard or re purpose into the interiors with a degree of aplomb, it must be said

The house has been traditionally built, mud brick walls, traditional wooden ceilings, painted windows and shutters using Berber motifs, elements of Tadalakt and of course the beautiful floor opportunities that Bajmat enables.

The house consists of its own terrace and small swimming pool, impaired friendly, double bedroom with a large en-suite huge shower and bathroom. The house will have its own terrace and dining area and will further benefit from a small en-suite double bedroom. We intend that this will be occupied by a younger member of the party or indeed could be used to accommodate a person to assist or help those in the main bedroom should that be needed.

We have also equipped this house, not that one would notice, with circulation space for wheelchairs, electric doors and much less obvious minor details for someone who needs occasional help.

The house also benefits from an electrically driven pool lift which also works with any swimming pool on the estate.

Many guests have said they would like to bring their parents and we built this pretty much to provide every facility for this or other use.

Villa Azeer will only be rented in conjunction with friends or relatives living in other houses on the estate.
Images will very be shortly available