During you stay, you will almost certainly have the opportunity to discover harira, different kinds of tajines, pastillas, and Kefta dishes made from the array of spices, oils, nuts and vegetables sold in the souk. Our house cook is very flexible, but here are some dinner menus just to give you an idea:

Menu 1
Vegetable soup
Grilled Breast of Chicken on a bed of Ratatouille
Lemon Soufflé

Menu 2
Traditional Moroccan Soup
Chicken Tajine with Lemon and Olives
Cheese Board
Fillo Pastry Sweet Moroccan Desert

Menu 3
Cecilia Ravioli
Lamb Tajine
Chocolat Fondant

Menu 4
Ballottine Of Chicken
Grilled Fish
Cheese Board
Figs and Mascarpone